music composer
Thank You
Colour Of Autumn single Mighty Hood (2016)
Letters To Heaven album Letters To Heaven (2017)
other works The Day You Went To Heaven (2017)
Colour Of Winter single Colour Of Winter (2016)
Mighty Hood single Mighty Hood (2016)
Twin Flames Kiss album Twin Flames Kiss (2016)
Rising From The Ashes song Rising From The Ashes (2016)

Thank You

Composition, Arrangement and Performance by Claire Buchholz
Engineered and Produced by Mark Worrall

Thank you for the Earth we live on, spinning round through space and time,
thank you for the Sun above us, burning brightly keeps us warm.

Thank you for the trees that sway so gently, in the wind,
thank you for the birds and bees, flying buzzing through the fields, singing humming, all day long.

Thank you for the dark times we must face and the tears to cleanse me.

Thank you for the gift of loving, even though our hearts get broken,
thank you for the sound of children, playing laughing, without fear.

Thank you for the Moon that lights us at night, beaming down,
thank you for the stars in the sky, shining brightly, oh so brightly, in the heavens.

Thank you for the chance to love so that we may remember,
before we return to where we came from.